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GIPS BioTech ( Operator of Common Treatment Facility )

M/s. GIPS Biotech has taken an initiative to establish the Common Bio-Medical Waste Treatment Facility at Site No. 82, Gujje Gowdanapura, Jayapura Hobli, Mysore.

M/s. GIPS Biotech (operator of common treatment facility) is a set up where, bio-medical Waste generated from a number of healthcare units, is imparted for necessary treatment to reduce adverse affects that this waste may pose on human beings.


The aim of implementing medical waste treatment includes:

  • To disinfect
  • To reduce the bulk volume
  • To make surgical waste unrecognizable
  • To make dangerous recyclable items unusable(Example: syringes)


  • Owners and staff of the health care setups
  • Owners and staff of the health care setups
  • Patients and their attendants
  • Rag pickers and recyclers
  • General public


  • Develop a scientific and systematic strategy of hospital waste handling and disposal in Mysore city.
  • Identify appropriate technologies for waste treatment and disposal and thus evolve a methodology for segregation, handling, collection, treatment, storage and disposal of waste.
  • Establish a common bio-medical waste treatment facility
  • Educate and train the working personnel and also the general public in safe hospital waste management and to create awareness on the need for proper management.

The Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment Facility (CBWTF) will have following treatment facilities:

  • Incinerator
  • Autoclave
  • Shredder
  • Vehicle/Container Washing Facility
  • Effluent Treatment Plant


15 March

GIPS is involved in wide spectrum of activities ranging from water & waste water treatment, including solid waste management, EMS, OHSAS, EIA,