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GIPS Constructions

We at GIPS provide hi-tech engineering and construction services. At team of skilled and dedicated engineering professionals take the onus of driving each project with best of their abilities and providing unique solutions ensuring standards of high quality. Every infrastructure project we undertake is with a vision to bring around a dream into reality this achieved by us in the urge of innovating in each step we adopt for completing a project. We here are to create a safe and serene facility for all your domestic and commercial needs.

At GIPS “We Care”

  1. Green Building
  2. Survey, Planning, Detail Design, Estimation, and Execution
  3. Skilled civil structural construction of:
    1. Commercial centers
    2. Office complexes
    3. Industrial effluent & sewage treatment plants 
    4. Industrial establishments (Building)


15 March

GIPS is involved in wide spectrum of activities ranging from water & waste water treatment, including solid waste management, EMS, OHSAS, EIA,