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GIPS Consultancy

  1. EHS Implementation
  2. Turnkey Execution of Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP), Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) & Water Treatment Plants
  3. Implementation of ISO 9001, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001 & Integrated management systems
  4. Audit Energy Audit, Safety audit, Carbon footprint, Food safety and hygiene Audits & Training 
  5. Reverse Osmosis Plant 
  6. Detailed engineering of water and waste water treatment schemes, treat ability studies on waste water.
    1. Fabrications
      Also, we manufacture primary and tertiary treatment plant units like:
      1. Activated Carbon Filter (ACF)
      2. Pressure Sand Filters (PSF)
      3. D.M. Plants and Softner
      4. Clarifier mechanism, Flocculator and Flash mixer.
      5. Anaerobic systems - UASB
  7. Tailor made package treatment plants for industrial and domestic waste.
  8. Training courses for operators/Management staffs.
  9. Environmental Clearances
    1. Obtaining Consent for Establishment. (CFE)

      Environmental Impact Assessment Studies (EIA – Ministry of Environment and Forests & State EIA – Karnataka State Pollution Control Board)
      Environmental Management Plan

    2. Obtaining Consent for Operation. (CFO)
    3. Compliance and Adequacy Reports

    4. Obtaining Environmental Clearance from Department of Ecology & Environment.
      ( ECC)


15 March

GIPS is involved in wide spectrum of activities ranging from water & waste water treatment, including solid waste management, EMS, OHSAS, EIA,